New single from Maria

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After a very long time, there are finally new music from Maria.

There is a new single released today with the title “det jeg har gitt fra meg”. Sounds like Maria might be doing some norwegian languaged songs.

You can hear part of it here:

Summer revampt

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As you can see, this website has just been lacking attention from me, for a very long time. Yesterday I went on 3 weeks holiday, so my task for the 3 weeks will be to give this site a summer revamp.


Apparently, Maria in the studio recording a new album, so hopefully there will soon be coming new material from her.

Maria taking part in aid-concert for Africa

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On the 18th september, will Maria take part in an aid-concert for Africa. You can read more here:

2 more years with

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Just to inform, the domain for has been renewed for another 2 years, so we will be around for longer.

I am sorry for the lack of updates, but there is nothing happening in Maria land, unfortunately.

No updates on Maria in a long time

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As everyone can see from the lack of updates, there is not much going on with news regarding Maria’s career.

I recently received a mail from a fan in New Zealand, asking on how to get Maria’s autograph if you are not from Norway.

I am not in any way able to get Maria’s autograph for anyone, since I live in Denmark and not Norway. I hope to find contact info for Maria’s management, so I can find out if sending a letter to them with a pre-paid envelope included could result in receiving her autograph in return.

A pre-paid envelope is an envelope with stamps on, that is already filled out with the recipients address and the correct amount of stamps according to where it is send to and from.

Maria part of 4-stjerners-middag

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Maria has taken part in the norwegian tv-show 4-stjerners-middag which revolves around 4 stars inviting each other to dinner and they then rate each other.

Below you can see some links, which also features new pictures of Maria:

In another article, Maria talks about coloring her hair, how it turned grey – before it turned orange, every girls nightmare:

In the article you can see a very natural-hair looking Maria.

Maria with new hairdo

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Looks like Maria wanted to change her hair up “a bit”.

She performed friday december 10th at the mall in Narvik, with a brown hairdo.

Click here to see what Maria now looks like.

Looks forward to seeing her in the future with the new hair color.

New gallery online

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I have together moved the old gallery to a new place, including a new script, meaning I can easier update it. It is now updated via Coppermine.

Go here to take a look, there are some pictures from her time at the Melody Grand prix.

Hopefully more updates in the gallery will come within the next piece of time.


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Maria Arredondo was born in 1985. She was raised in a small village called Vennesla located 20 kilometres north of Kristiansand.

Maria has been singing since she could walk. From the age of 10 she participated in many local concerts and events. As a multi talented singer she has done everything from classical to pop music. She spent almost two years developing her own style and sound, before signing a record deal with Universal Music

Her debut album, “Maria Arredondo”, got the highest score possible in norway’s largest newspaper – VG. Read the review here. The album debuted in the charts at an impressive no. 6 and went platinum. It was recorded in Sweden and Norway, and was produced by several well known producers such as Jonas von Der Burg, Espen Lind, Harry Sommerdahl, Jonny Sjo, Bluefish, and Bjørn Erik Pedersen. Several successful songwriters have also contributed: Christian Ingebrigtsen, Jonas von Der Burg, Silje Nergaard, Espen Lind and Harry Sommerdahl, to name a few.

Her debut song “Can let go” was released on Norwegian radio in May 2002, and proved to be a strong hit all throughout the summer. The second hit, “Just a little heartache”, stayed in the charts for incredible 35 weeks and the single “In love with an angel”, which is a duet with Christian Ingebrigtsen, debuted at no. 1 in the sales charts and went platinum. Her latest hit song, “Hardly hurts at all” stayed in the charts for several months and went gold.

Her incredible success has made Maria the first artist in Norway which has reached top 3 in the airplay chart with the first four releases from a debut album. The next single “A thousand nights” has now been released for radio

Marias name

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Dax Technologies – Dax Technologies
Name: Maria
Origin: Hebrew
Gender: Female
Meaning: form of MARY — bitter

Kalabarian – Kalabarian
Your name of Maria gives you the desire to understand and help others with their problems but, at the same time, you can become too involved in their problems and, as a result, worry too much. This name creates a pleasant, easy-going, yet responsible nature. It gives you a natural ability to express affection to those close to you, without feelings of embarrassment. You tend to avoid issues, however, and put off until tomorrow the things which should be done today. Accordingly, you would find difficulty in achieving success in positions requiring aggressiveness and drive.

Baby Names Meanings – Baby Names Meanings
Name: Maria
Meaning: Courage

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