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The staff consist of several different people. There are the people who constantly publish news on the website about Maria, there are those who gives people the opportunity to see images from different concerts/record-signings across Norway.

And then there are the always creative people, who spend a long time creating different signatures, avatars etc. for the people who use the website. Below you can read a very small bit of info regarding every member:

Susan Morson: She is the owner of the domain name maria-arredondo.co.uk. She is also the woman, who 1st came up with the idea of a fansite for Maria. Susan lives in England, meaning she has not yet met Maria in person, but only listened to her music and seen videos with her, on the internet.

Astrid Flaen: She is one of those girls, who constantly post her pictures on the forum, for you to see as well as informing the fans about new articles and a lot of other information about Maria.

Marte Bang: She constantly posts pictures on the forum, posts news a lot and is a really creative girl, who constantly make new signatures, avatars and so on, for this website.

Louise Bach: The other non-norwegian Maria fan in the staff. The person who creates the layouts, makes sure all the things you do not see, is updated and works. Has also not yet met Maria, but only listened to her music and watched videos with her online.

Ida-Marie Hovland: Ida is the generous helper, who finds articles, images and other news about Maria on the internet and in newspapers and magazines. She is good to have on-board in the staff boat.

Hilde K.: One of the 2 amazing photographers - whenever she has been to a Maria concert she always ends up with amazing pictures of Maria on stage. Contributes on both the forum and the regular website.