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Full name: Maria Arredondo
Birthday: 6th of July 1985
Birthplace: Vennesla, Norway
Grew up: Kristiansand og Vennesla
Height: 167 cm
Favoritcolor: Purple
Favoritmusic: Oh, it changes all the time... Everything at there time :)
Favoritartist/band: Alicia Keys, Shania Twain, Robbie Williams, Eva Cassidy,
Toto, Avril Lavigne, Lisa Nilsson and many more…
Favoritalbum: At this time I think it is…..: Eva Cassidy, Songbird :)
Favoritsong: "Fields of Gold" both with Sting and Eva Cassidy…
Favortflick: "The Color Purple", with Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah
Favoritfood: Pizza, Lasagne and Taco :)
Favoritdrinks: Fanta and orangejuice…
Likes: Music and good mates:)

Dislike: Unfairness and bullying!
Admires: People who aren't afraid of being themselfes no mather whatt!
Dreams about: To travel a lot, meet loads of new people and cultures and most
of all keep on working with music.
3 words who describe Maria: Happy, sensitive and very vimsete.

A hallo to all the fans: Hey there. Thank you soo much for all the support!
I really hope I will meet more of you soon!!! LENE; Thank you soo much.! You
have made and makes a really cool homepage! Im really grateful! :) Nice to meet
you this summer - there shouldn't be so long until next time. Hope you all like
my new single "Just a little heartache" which now is out for sale. :) Im very
proud :) ! Many hugs from Maria.